My Priorities

With a population that’s projected to double by 2040 so will the issues facing our community. I’ve been listening and talking with many of you and here are a few of the concerns you've shared with me: 

  • Sustainable Growth & Development
  • Affordable Housing
  • Better Roads & Transit Options
  • Safer Neighborhoods 
  • Supporting Langley Business

There is a lot to discuss and issues evolve over time. 

I will try to keep this website updated as I learn and listen to more about what matters to YOU!


Planning for Growth & Development

The Township Of Langley through its Sustainability Charter, Community and Neighbourhood Plans have clear goals and guidelines to ensure our communities are socially, culturally, economically and environmentally balanced keeping the present and future generations in mind. 

Practically speaking:

Developing Neighborhoods with trees and parks, where transit and amenities are within walking and biking distance. Affordable, beautiful neighborhoods that people are proud to call home now and for years to come.

Transportation and Transit

Transit MUST play a role to alleviate some of the congestion Langley is seeing from being one of the fastest growing communities in the GVRD. We need fast, reliable, and accessible transit for all people and ranges of mobility to more areas in Langley.

With new neighborhoods and more density all over Langley we need to identify and secure land for Park and Rides and/or exchanges for new and improved routes to serve our community.

Affordable Housing

The cost of housing grows each year. When an old building comes down a more expensive one goes up and the impact is felt by our most vulnerable; seniors, young people and hardworking families. Where do they go now and how much will it cost?

We must consider all populations that make up our community and try to address this most basic need so our community is place where everyone can thrive. We need more homes people can afford to buy and rent.

We need to work together with all levels of business & government to meet this growing need.

Community Safety

Crime has spiked in many of our neighborhoods and with our population projected to double by 2040 more pressure will be put on our first responders. With the number of homeless increasing and a growing opioid crisis, we need to make sure our police and fire departments have the resources needed in order to keep our community safe and secure now and in the future.

Business Friendly

With a business-friendly focus and its central location, Langley will continue attracting important job generating companies making Langley a great place to work and do business.

Businesses and light industry generate important revenue and pay 36% of the total taxes in the TOL as well as support many of our non-profits and local initiatives.

We need to develop and support policies that encourage development and growth for small business owners. Making sure they have the tools and the resources needed to start, grow and or develop their business.

Food Security

Langley is in a unique position to address food security in the Fraser Valley and beyond. 

Access to nutritious and healthy food is becoming more difficult for many areas in our province. With 77% of our land in the ALR a healthy agriculture sector and our central geographic location we have the capacity to “Feed the Fraser Valley”.

Along with new regulations to support Cannabis production Langley could likely become a major player with many green houses and land in the ALR. 

I would support a moratorium until such time the concerns of residents and industry experts can be understood. Our food security is potentially at risk as demand to grow Marijuana increases on ALR land.

Sports Tourism

“Sport tourism is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry with $3.4 billion in annual spending.” — Statistics Canada (2008) 

Sports Tourism is an important industry in the Township. With exceptional sports facilities, recreation centres, parks and green spaces Langley Township is known as a world-class sport tourism destination.

Sports Tourism events also create local opportunities for: 

• Sport development.

• Economic development. 

• Social and community legacies. 


A 16 team, weekend hockey tournament with 12 teams from out of town can easily inject $100,000 into the local economy in visitor spending.

With a background in sports and tourism I want to continue to build and promote Langley as a destination for sports tourism, to strengthen the economy, benefit local business and leave a lasting legacy for all our residents.


Jobs and employment opportunities are critical to the economic health of our community. Employers are always asking how and where they can find good employees for their establishments. 

The last 10 years I’ve worked directly with the newcomer population in Langley as they strive to make Langley their new home. We need to connect their drive and determination with opportunities that will help them be successful citizens making them a vital part of our growing economy. Linking the different business sectors to this population is important and a win win for business and our community. 

Family Friendly

My family and I have benefited from the many sports and recreation facilities here in Langley and has played a significant role in our quality of life and in raising happy healthy children.

With higher density neighborhoods and more families moving to Langley, residents will continue to rely on our parks and recreations programs and facilities to stay active indoors as well enjoying the outdoors in all of our neighborhoods.

Maintenance, availability, access to parks, updating our fields and facilities is important. We must continue to give all our residents young and old the best recreation opportunities possible.


Langley is home to many different sports clubs and associations that utilize the different facilities in the TOL. From Ice rinks, baseball diamonds and soccer pitches to swimming pools and recreation centres, all vital to the health and social sustainability of our community. 

· Did you know that Langley has one of the largest Slo-pitch leagues in all of Canada? I’ve enjoyed being one of 3500 ball players who call Langley’s ball diamonds home.

· Langley has one the largest curling clubs in B.C with over 800 members. The Langley Curling Club is at maximum capacity and boast few unused ice times. 

· More local kids get university scholarships for Softball than any other sport! But Rep Softball is being starved for parks their size. (Male or Female) They regularly play on oversized fields where the outfielders stand on the Slo-Pitch infield.


Let’s leave a legacy!

Langley has beautiful parks and green spaces. They are an important part of a healthy, sustainable community. 

Working in the tourism industry in Vancouver I’m reminded of the city planners and visionaries back in 1889 who fought to preserve Stanley Park; 1001 acres of prime real estate.

Over 120 years later it still ranks as one of the top 10 urban parks in the world with countless visitors from around the globe.

Langley has beautiful parks with some of our history displayed through-out but I would love to discuss ideas about showcasing Langley’s amazing history, integrating our stories, art and culture in more of Langley’s beautiful parks. Do we have room for Langley’s own Urban Heritage Nature Park?